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1.  The USA Hockey Official Rules will be in effect for all tournament games.  All coaches/managers are responsible for reviewing the USA Hockey Official Rules in advance of the tournament.  This includes NO noise makers of any kind.  

2.  All players will be required to sign the score sheet prior to their first game only.

3.  All games will be officiated by officials registered with USA Hockey and NIHOA/RIHOA.

4.  Referees shall judge all goals from the ice.

5.  Only players and team officials (up to a maximum of 4) shall be permitted to occupy the player's bench area during a game.  

6.  All games will consist of 15-15-15 minute periods.

7.  Teams must be ready to begin play 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  Delays in the first face-off shall be subtracted from the time of the first period and a Delay of Game Penalty may be assessed to the team causing the delay.

8.  Game time commences with a 3 minute warm-up, starting when the Zamboni doors close.  The timekeeper shall commence the end of the warm-up period by sounding the buzzer.  Teams not ready will forfeit their warm up time.  

9.  One 30 second time out per team will be permitted in each game, including playoffs.  

10.  NO overtime will be played in any preliminary round games.  If the score is tied at the conclusion of any preliminary round game then the game will end in a tie.  Each team will be awarded 1 point towards tournament standings.  

11.  Two "Player of the Game" Awards will be given to each coach prior to the game to be handed out to players at the conclusion of each preliminary game.  It is the coaches responsibility to choose two of his own players to hand the awards out to.

12.  Minor penalties will be assessed at two (2) minutes each.  Major penalties will be assessed at five (5) minutes each.  Misconduct and game misconduct penalties will be assessed at ten (10) minutes each.  

13.  Game misconduct penalties will result in a one-game suspension.  Warranted or not, all referee decisions to issue game misconduct penalties are final and will not be overturned. Fighting will not be tolerated and will result in that player being suspended from the remainder of the tournament.  

14.  Any decision by the tournament director or committee, whether specifically addressed by these rules or not, shall be binding upon all tournament participants.  

15.  The Tournament Director shall have the authority, and reserves the right to make modifications to any of the rules when it is considered fair and appropriate to do so.  Any decision by the Tournament Director and/or committee shall be final.


Championship and Consolation Game

If game is tied at the end of regulation:

1.  Five (5) vs. five (5) sudden victory overtime period will be played for five (5) minutes.  Each team will defend the same goal as they did during the 3rd period.

2.  If the game is still tied after the five (5) minute sudden death period, each coach will choose three (3) players to participate in a sudden death shoot out.  

3.  In the event a tie remains after the three (3) player shootout, a sudden victory shootout will determine the winner.  NO player shall shoot twice until such time as all rostered players (excluding goalies) have participated in the shootout.